Saturday, October 1, 2016

September School Update

3rd Grade Spelling! 

Flagpage is a personality/gifting/interest assessment for kids- it shows what their personality leans towards naturally and they choose what motivates them…learned that Evie Joy is motivated by her curiosity and loves doing Art! Josiah is motivated by making people laugh! Oh how i need to grow in giving him room to do this more!

 We recently did flag pages with both kids! 

 Evie Joy and I every few weeks have a study we do called Tea With Mom & Me
She also is great at playsticks and blocks! 

 Creative at the Dentist ha! 
 Science Experiment! 

 learning to crochet 

 he said he was drawing some famous artist, ha! 

 Every day i get Evie Joy to do a lesson with Judah! 
School lunch at local noodle shop! 
 They were making decorations out of pistachios
 Beautiful weather + Daddy home at lunch time = School reading outside! 

 WE even did reading time at the pool a day or 2! 
 We've been learning about Native Americans! 
Evie Joy made some kind of Indian outfit! 
They love to play what they've been learning through novels and history! 
Its fun to eavesdrop in on their playing and hear them acting out that they are on a ship somewhere or they are fighting the British or they themselves are Indians! 
 Thankful Daddy came home in time for our Science Experiment! 

 We are on story 19 of our bi-lingual storying through the Bible! 

 We've been flipping off the couch for fun! 
When it rains we have been Wii dancing some for exercise!
And we've been really into Soccer! 
They are so funny, they'd play like 20 minutes a day but say they are going to be famous! ha! 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

What a busy September you guys have had!! Lots of learning and lots of fun and friends! Thank you for sharing your lives, pictures and events with us! We LOVE seeing pictures of all of you!! We love you and can't wait to see you and hug you again!
Mimi and Poppe