Saturday, October 1, 2016

Elijah 13-14 1/2 months!

 Elijah loves jumping on pillows! Fun with Big Bro Judah! 

 fun with Scott! 

 Sometimes I play in my room a few minutes…but then i cry!

 I've been doing a lot of teething…in 6 weeks, from 2 teeth to 6 now! 

 I love banging on pots and pans!

 And eating noodles! 

 I'm so sad they lock me behind this gate!

 Judah dressed me in his shirt inside out and backwards and Mommy left it on for 2 days! 

 I enjoy playing Wii with Brother & Sister! 

 Above, at the market! 
Below, i love looking out the window! 

 Music Class with EJ
And Art Class...

 Around town with Scott! 

 Blurry but fun swing pics!
I'm also loving climbing and jumping! oh my!

 trying to get a shot of his teeth! 

 loves playing peek-a-boo

 he's a very messy eater! almost after dinner every night, needs a bath! 

 this was hilarious, Scott babysat and Elijah fell asleep on the floor, has never done that! 

 My Sister Rocks! 

 I love playing in this cabinet! 

 He loves music! The cutest little dancer! 

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