Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Elijah 13 months!

 love this! love them! he loves them! 

 WE could not keep him out of the lajiao! ah! 

 Elijah loves ice cream! ha!  there are these little tiny cones that are just his size perfect!
 this was his VBS craft above, his picture on a pin and his handprint, sorry it is upside down right now, but he was mostly very good at class almost all day for 2 weeks!  We had no idea what to expect!  
Yay Elijah! 

he was so funny, he would just throw himself down on the carpet and fall asleep during class time! He loves sticking his tongue out and doing some kind of strange grunting face noise too!  Still loves peek-a-boo and pai-shou clapping! He is cutting 2 more teeth, makes 3 ha at 13 months old, one up top and one on the bottom. He weighed 18 pounds something at the doctors, so a thin guy!  He was 72 cm in length.  He is almost to a run now.  
He slept great in the tent while traveling! yay for that too! He was quite funny in the sand, I'll post all those pics on a beach post! He had been sleeping all night but traveling he definitely increased nursing times per day and night...

 he is climbing and getting into everything ha!
ACtually, it is quite funny we tell him no no to the tv so then he will turn around when near it so we cheer and clap for him and he runs to us, oh he just eats it up, claps for himself and squeals!  so so sweet!
 He really began loving the pool !

i love this of him asleep when we were traveling! 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Elijah, you are doing so well with your walking and running at 13 months! Way to go! We love you and are very proud of you!