Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Elijah 1 Year!

 Elijah Welcomed 1 year old getting into everything! 

 He is the cutest sweetest fella and loves loves his family! 

 He began really walking this month from room to room, not just a few steps! 

 He is very playful and happy! Such a joy! 
He loves to say Da Da! 
He does wave bye bye, plays peek-a-boo, clap his hands

 he has enjoyed learning to play in small and large pools!

 this tent is still a favorite! 

 climbing!  ahhh!  stressful !

 loves to climb on Judah's bed!

 finally began drinking cow's milk out of a straw cup!

 loves to play with pillows! Judah is growing in learning how to play kindly with baby!

dress up Elijah! ha!

 twister Elijah! haha!

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