Thursday, February 25, 2016

Elijah 7 months! Mr. Active!

 The past month Elijah has gotten a lot stronger and able to use his walker! 

 haha, he was cracking us up enjoying sitting in this bucket to play!

 this was after immunizations at the doctors! oh no! 
i remember looking up his weight and height but I'll have to find out where i wrote that down...

 love that this baby still loves his sling! so sweet! but um, going potty is definitely difficult with the baby in the sling! 

 Chinese New Year…the oldest lady 87 thinks it is good luck to hold the baby! 

 Enjoyed celebrating the holiday with a friend's family in the village! 

 Cute Baby Panda fell asleep out shopping!

 Super Cute Warm Baby Bear! 
Elijah is so sweet…love that when he is upset, you can kiss his sweet cheeks and he immediately calms down! 
 beginning to sit up
 loves to go for buggy rides, nap when Mommy is running
 finally loves a bath in his basket!

 loves Judah!

 sitting up, big boy!

 fell asleep so sweeT!
 EJ made Elijah this sweet mobile

 Johnny Jump up while we do School!

 This is my friend Abigail, she is a week younger than me!

 I look so sweet asleep on my Mommy!

 Tackle Daddy Fun!  

I also do this cute little head bob clap my hands, oh it's so fun and cute!
I have been eating all sorts of yummy food…bananas, apples, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, mangos, blueberries, peas, teething biscuits…I do not like formula, cereal is okay but I will not eat anything mixed with formula ha! I sleep all night! I sleep 12-15 hours at night so i only nap a little, mostly in the sling or buggy but nights are great! I am rolling across the floor, going from a sit to reaching, I can scoot, but not quite crawl! I'm exploring and pulling everything in reach! 

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