Monday, February 22, 2016


 Judah was upset that he had to stop playing for a picture ha! 3/4 of a Happy Cmas!

 making and decorating and eating cookies! EJ helped so much!

 Below, kiddos helped teach some motions for thru the Bible!

 MiMi is the best sending these cool masks!

Elijah's First Christmas! Cutest little Santa with his Sophie!

EJ excited about her Narnia character! 

 Love them!

My shopping helpers!

Josiah excited about the Narnia castle!  

 Love these smiles! 

Judah loves Paw Patrol! 

 See Judah was really super happy til that Tree Pic! 

Prettiest LIttle Sweetie! 

Love Handsome Josiah at the New Year's Dance party!

Beautiful Evie Joy at the New Year's Party! 

Below, Jo and EJ put together all Judah's tracks for him!

 Cutest LIttle Santa!

Super Happy Judah before the Tree Pic, ha! 
WE are so thankful for family who gifts our kids presents and for a wonderful busy time of sharing most important Christmas truths and children who love it all! 

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