Monday, November 23, 2015

Josiah is 8!

 Josiah had a Narnia themed 8th Birthday party! We invited a handful of friends over but of course they all bring a friend or 2…so we expected maybe 12 and there were 25 with kids and adults…so it was a bit more chaotic than we anticipated, but he was thankful for his party and all involved!  We are thankful we have close local friends to celebrate with!

 He got this cool Ninja turtle outfit from MiMi! 
 Jo & EJ made up some games, a crab walk race and obstacle course…here we are playing some minute it to win it games…suck up m&m's and move to a cup, stack high towers of cups and money

 We made crowns and swords!
 EJ is such an Awesome little sister…she made a shirt and wore it all day that said she loved Josiah and Happy Birthday!  

 He says he was trying to look like King Peter here! 

 He had brownie and cookie cupcakes…we were suppose to let everyone put their own icing on but the baby was fussing and I had to feed the baby, and I forgot to pass that onto Daddy who was taking care of all the extra people…but Josiah was so sweet about it, he was like Mommy, they were good without the icing and I didn't care about the icing! I just love his great graceful attitude towards me!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Happiest of birthdays to you, Josiah!! You are such a sweet, compassionate, tenderhearted, young man! Your love for Jesus is awesome! We pray you always desire to seek after Him with all your heart! We love you!