Monday, November 23, 2015

Elijah is 4 months!

 above, he was looking so cute sitting on the couch but it was hard to get him still…
below, he likes our friend Chenmin!

 He was so handsome here riding on the long distance bus! We've gone on 2 trips this month! He does really well on the bus! woo hoo for that!
As you can see his eyes are definitely favoring Josiah's hazel color rather than EJ/Judah's brown! :)

 Our friend took these one Sunday morning, he looks so sweet! Those fancy smartphones take good pics!

 us at the Rock Park!
 love the sweet sleeping baby! he sleeps well at night but doesn't nap well…we need to work on that!
 Another cute one of a bus ride!
 This one is a bit better of his cute couch pose!
 documenting his bus ride!
 smiles, smiles, smiles, love them! 

 He has the best Big Sister!

 hahaha, Elijah at Disneyland…

 Elijah was so sweet just hanging out at our meeting! 
 Exercising with my Mommy!

 cute in my towel, not a huge bath fan!
 Cute Little Cat!

 I love playing with my toes!

 I think my Brother is so fun!

 On a walk, looking at trucks with Judah!

 I love his eyes and how alert he is becoming!  
He says a "Hi/Hey" sound over and over, we love it!

He is moving around more these days, scooting around on his mat, rolling over once!  

We actually did have shots and a weigh in/measure…6.1 kg, so roughly 13.5 pounds! And 64 cm, 25.2 inches long! Happy Happy 4 months Elijah! We hope you learn to nap better! Continue to love outside, traveling and your family, and that you learn to like baths!  That would be great! Baths and naps…onto 5 months we go!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Elijah! You are the cutest thing! We love that smile! Keep smiling. You do have the best brothers and sister around!! Be good to them and they will be good to you!

MiMi and Poppe love you!