Sunday, March 15, 2015

Some of Judah's 20th month!

 Judah beating me with his sword!
 free ice cream at McDonalds!

 I slide too fast for a clear pic!

 playing write lesson plans with Rarr Rarr for hours!  Love her! 

 I love the idea of studying with the big kids!
 sweet little Pandas!

 Rarr Rarr has taught me to play School so well! It is my new go to free play activity! 

 bath time with Rarr Rarr…i was too busy playing with the bottle to look up! 
All was good until i peed on Rarr Rarr, ha!
He loves Bathtime!  He will run to the bathroom if i tell him he can take one.  I think he'd like to take one everyday, 3x a day, ha, but I try to allow him every other day! It's hard work for the Mommy! 
the kids love taking a bath with him so every once in a while they take turns. He loves it!

 I LOVE playing outside!

 a few days this week it's so cute, Rarr Rarr comes in to see me when i wake up and i pull her in my bed instead of wanting to get out!

 I love this, Bro Bro got in too!

 Rarr Rarr playing with me in the tent! She is an Awesome Big Sister!
 Bro Bro dressed me in a tie, ha! And has been so sweet to push me for long times in my swing!

 playing with Bro Bro…he was so kind to play babies me with, reluctantly, but i wanted to! ha! He finally convinced me to play Scientist ha, but then i ended up playing tea party while he was a Scientist! 
Judah is so funny! He can't say much!  He finally enjoys watching a few shows! yay for that! Baby Einstein and Boz are his new favs, he loves to play School haha! He is doing better at feeding himself with a spoon or a fork.  No pics because i'm always a little nervous when he is doing that, but he is doing well!  He loves his family! He likes to tackle with Daddy! His Brother and Sister are so sweet to him. He often will pull them around to where he wants them and show them what he wants them to do with them!  He loves going out, for buggy ride errands and to play!  He finally is not breastfeeding! He was with Daddy for 7 days without Mommy so that set the stage.  When Mommy returned he asked for Mommy milk the first 2 days but was given a cup instead :) Then he hasn't requested any for 10 days but asked again, yesterday ha…but gave him his cup no worries!  Glad that is going better!  He has had a cold this past week! No fun!  One of his favorite drinks is fresh yogurt from the yogurt shop across the street and hot dogs off the street!  He still loves animals! And like I mentioned, Big Sis has been teaching him how to play babies! ha!  Sometimes he is very sweet and loving to the babies, hugging, kissing, diaper changing, pushing around, feeding…sometimes though he is a bit rough, throwing baby on the table! ouch! We need to work on a few things before real baby comes!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Judah, You are quite the character! I can't wait to hang out with you and get to know you better!! We love you!!