Tuesday, March 24, 2015

School Stuff!

 Science experiments with Daddy, learning about magnets!
 Josiah wanted his pic taken with something he made out of clay!
 Evie Joy busy working on bags to take to sick children at the clinic!
 Evie Joy and Daddy playing and intense game of tic tac toe!
 Josiah was playing he was the Daddy! ha!
 This is Monday morning, our Praise Jesus in English morning and Family Fun Day!  Daddy has been teaching the kids from this Bible Storying cloth! They love it!
Panda Evie Joy outside her local Preschool! 

 More Science experiment learning with Daddy and local friends!
 Fun with books MiMi sent us in the mail! We love learning and playing that we are learning!
 I loved Evie Joy's drawings in her Math book of what she does at different times of the day!
I thought the kids did such a good job making tracks!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Love to see pictures of you guys growing up and learning so much!! You are way smarter than MiMi :). Keep up the great work!!!