Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Angel of the Lord

The angel of the LORD coming to visit Abraham in the Old Testament has been baffling Josiah this week. So, tonight I finally was able to explain it to him using his understanding of BC/AD, the eternality of God, 3 personhood of God and God coming as man- Immanuel, Incarnate as Jesus fully man and God. I love how excited he was to get a little grasp of this and try to teach his stuffed animals! So sweet! 

Also lately he's been doing a few disrespectful things towards me and it's been difficult.  I honestly think he tires of me telling him to do so many things-home/school/life…but this week has been so encouraging.  Each time instead of punishing him I have been disciplined to ask him if I can pray for him and he accepts and then a lot of hugs and kisses follow and then more and more hugs and kisses all day long.  Sometimes I forget although he is 7 how he still enjoys hugs and kisses!  He is one sweet kid!

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