Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sometimes I forget to write...

Sometimes I forget to write little tidbits of our life on here for keepsake (I print out each kid a blog book in place of handmade baby book)

Last week Eric (Daddy) took Josiah to the big city to have a playdate with his pal there.
Eric tells me 1. Josiah is coughing on the bus, I tell him to put his toys away, get in his seat, get his inhaler, but then i wasn't paying attention, he didn't do what I told him and he threw up from coughing...2. Josiah asked at the bus stop if he could take his backpack off, I let him, I wasn't paying attention when we got on the bus, forgot the backpack, got off at next stop, had to walk back to last stop and get backpack...3. I wasn't paying attention and he ate the entire bag of hershey kisses

This story makes me laugh because it is perfect representation of Daddy watching the kids "not paying attention" but it all works out okay, it's different from the on top of, control obcessed Mommy style of watching but everything works itself out and is ok in the end...I love how God has created us man and woman, Daddy and Mommy, our personalities, our backgrounds, our giftings, preferences diverse!  He is a very creative God indeed!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Great insight! Very typical of the difference between dads and moms :)