Sunday, October 19, 2014

Judah 15 months!

 Let's talk about Judah this past month...
he has so many teeth...i lost count!  2 months ago he had 8 teeth, now he at least has 14, possibly more!
he had a mixture of 3 strange rashes, ugh, finally clearly up...
so, since we had to visit the doc, he weighed 10.5 kg, about 23 pounds!
Roaches- Judah is a friend of the roaches infesting our home, sadly, he provides them with plenty of snacks...
he loves to dance, he is a hand raiser ha!
nursing-Mommy went away for 2 nights, first time since he was born, he was down to only 2 bf a day at that time and this month since returning, he is now back to 5-7x a day, he is so hard to refuse and train in comparison to the other 2 at the same age with Mommy just gives in
He is a man of few words, mostly grunts, noises, sounds
Sleep...most days he sleeps 8 pm-10 am, then naps from 2-4, this is a delightful change for us!

 He has finally started enjoying playing in the bath.  He use to just throw bottles around but now he will play with this Dora castle for a long time :)
 He absolutely loves to swing!
 lookin cute trying out a ride on Daddy's bike

 loves him the light saber
and dump truck 
 He loves to explore outside...above he was so sweet giving Daddy a hug
He is very affectionate, gives all of us hugs and wet sloppy kisses, ha
And he does absolutely love his Daddy
He knows Daddy = fun!

 I love his little curls and smile here

 He cracks me/us up with his growling noises he makes whether he is playing with animals or being the Hulk or has a sword...he is definitely one cute violent one year old!

 Growl in action!

 Above, is his first little hair cut, just the front, it was getting too long, but for now, we kept his curls in the back!
Here I think he looks a lot like my Mom's family, my Uncle Kenny

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Judah! You are sooo cute and so sweet! You are growing up so fast! Look at how quickly you are learning how to do things! We love you and miss you so very much!