Friday, August 15, 2014

Judah 13 months!

 Judah 1st time on an elephant...he loved all the bumping.  It was a bit difficult being split up and holding on tight to get some great pictures...they took some but he wasn't looking, but hey here's a memory ha!
 Sleeping in the Treehouse in Thailand!  Brother and Sissy said his only cool pj's were Spiderman! 

 Above, got him some cute car shoes but they broke on day 2!
Below, he was a fan of fresh coconut water!
 He absolutely loves pushing EJ's Dora bag around the airport!
 I love the way he is looking at her in this picture!
 He loves to climb in buckets, any kind of container, basket...
 He loves to climb on boxes and tables...

 AT the pool, he'd rather play in the foot wash pool than the big pool!
Happy 13 months to me!  Yup, I'm pretty adorable! 
I still love my Mommy's milk, oh dear! Nurses 5-7x a day!
The last 2 days he amazingly took 2 1 1/2 hour naps!  I am hoping he will keep that up! He normally only takes quick naps and is quite fussy and miserable!
He loves to play with cars, zoom them all over the apartment!  And balls, has such a good little throw! 
He loves music and to dance!  
He signs "milk" correctly but uses it for all things he wants, toys, food, to be held and milk!
He did go to the doctors to get immunizations and a check up, he was 22 pounds.  I can't remember the rest of his stats...he was 50th percentile for height because I remember looking it up and his head is still super small :)  
If you tell him NO!  He will still pick up the item and throw it at you!
He loves pushing stools, I say he could win a stool pushing contest if there were such a thing! 
He loves to tackle with Daddy and Brother and Sister!  And loves giving hugs and blowing kisses!  And high-fives!  
He really likes orange juice!  Not so much formula and wouldn't even give cow's milk a try!
He does like yogurt and fruit, oatmeal and yogurt smoothies!
He loves animals!  He won't sit and watch a show but he watched a 45 minute seal show happily!  And loved the Animal Safari we drove through, had his attention the entire time!  

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Looks like you had lots of fun in Thailand! Elephant rides - WOW! Glad you got to stay in the treehouse place! Loving those PJ/s too!
Love you all!