Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Josiah & Evie Joy August Shenanigans

above, our beans finally sprouted so we planted them, but they didn't grow really well after that!
below, aren't we cute watching Narnia!

above, hanging out in Judah's room!
below, swimming in our pool in our apartment complex!
above, making gift bags for kids at the clinics on the street!
here, Judah climbed up and tried to help/make a mess of Sissy washing the dishes! She is so sweet and patient with her little brother!
Josiah has been into learning to draw things himself, a book of over 500 things MiMi sent last year!
 Above, Josiah in our school room, doing his handwriting with Bunny!
 Evie Joy and Josiah doing Math!
 And one more of the Sweetie doing the dishes in her apron!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Wow! What great helpers, swimmers, teachers and learners you all are!!! Evie Joy and Josiah, you look so grown up!! Judah is really growing. You are all so much bigger than when we saw you! We love you!!!

MiMi and Poppe