Friday, June 6, 2014

The Learning Crew

Josiah doing his math facts! He got them all correct!  woo hoo!

Evie Joy loves to help Mommy was the dishes and cook!  Love that girl!
Above, Evie Joy's Pictograph of the boys and girls in our family!
Below, Josiah created his own hieroglyphics...I forget what it said now, But i do love that he knows what hieroglyphics are and remembers that big word!
 Leaves!  For Science, we traced leaves!

 Josiah playing Headbanz to practice Chinese!
 Who needs white boards when you have a room full of windows?!
Below, the kids made bread in Science
 Isn't EJ so cute here?!
Above, EJ writing on the window her school words
Below, Josiah building a Lego city!  

 They made these cards for Mother's Day for Mommy with a flower! 
Below, Josiah drew some ship on the wall and EJ wrote her ABC's! 
 Above, Josiah practicing some work on the window, who knows what Judah is doing!
Below, they were suppose to make clay and bake it and paint it...the painting turned out well but it wasn't as clayish as it was suppose to be!

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