Monday, June 16, 2014

Judah 11 months!

 Judah is very social!  Here I love how it shows him clapping his hands! 

 He loves bath time! 
 He is really growing to enjoy eating, yay!  He likes sitting in his booster seat and feeding himself and is  even drinking a little juice or formula!  only a couple times now! He loves PB& J! 
 Judah and Big Sissy playing in the water outside on a hot day! 
 haha- one day he climbed into the basket at the bottom of the buggy!  

 This kid loves knocking everything off of the shelves numerous times a day, this day he was really into plastic bags!

 He's walking more steady now, even almost to a run!  Climbing on the couch, loves to climb in drawers and baskets!  He does like to play with a couple toys- stacking blocks, stacking them and knocking them down and also putting them inside of each other, he likes balls and cars, beginning to enjoy looking at books!  He loves music and dancing.  His little dance is so cute, cannot help but dance when he hears music!  All the locals love to see him, he is so personable and friendly!  

 Above, learning to finally drink a little!
Below, enjoying some McDonalds! 

If I say Bye Bye, he immediately waves his hand, it's so cute.  Evie Joy and Josiah are trying to teach Judah the signs for more, all done and milk but most of the time Judah ends up mixing all 3 signs all together, it is quite cute!
And he gives sweet kisses, sloppy, wet but very sweet kisses!  

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Judah!! You are growing so fast!! We love you sweet smiles!! They just warm our hearts! Be a good little brother for Josiah and Evie Joy!