Saturday, February 15, 2014

Learning Around Here is F-U-N!

 Evie Joy's First Day of K math!  Rockin in the PJ's!  
 Josiah loving his Legos from Uncle Travis!  
 EJ loves reading!  
And below, she is helping me make Judah some peach babyfood!

 Here, Josiah got really creative building a city with legos!
 Sometimes we love painting!

 Above, Evie Joy's first pictograph, graphing Boys and Girls in our family
Below, Josiah's pictograph, graphing types of vehicles, modes of transportation, was suppose to be cars, trucks, bikes but we worked with what we had- scooter, buggy, bikes

 Josiah styling a turban, We've been learning about different people groups, customs, clothing, religions
One thing I love about our HomeSchool is that my 4 and 6 year old can explain basic facts about the major world religions and compare them to those of Christianity.  I think this is excellent for their age and will help prepare their heart and minds!
 Here, they painted their faces like the Nebu people of Sudan.  Josiah was a bird, EJ a monkey. 
 Josiah enjoying watching a local friend tell a story by folding and cutting paper.  Josiah also loves origami.  He says my Chinese classmates can all do that!  We did do some off the Wiggles!  I suppose we will have to learn some more! 
 Tribal children often make their toys out of veggies, so we did too...introducing our carrot bees! 
And our attempt at Batik on paper
 Friends playing Spot It with us in Chinese!  

 WE made masks!  
 Happy Valentines Day!  We made cookies and cards for our Mommy, Daddy and our friend Xiao Sheng Jie!  

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