Saturday, February 15, 2014

Judah 6-7 Months!

 So I think this kid is so cute!  

 He is so social- much more than the other 2 at his age!  He loved having a little friend around for a few days to play with!  
 Loves his swing!  Loves to smile!
love this kid's personality!
 Enjoying some teething biscuits! 
 Pulling up!  This kid is growing up way too fast!  
This month he is sitting up, crawling and pulling up, he now has 4 teeth!  
 so cute little buggy napper at a wedding! 
below, they even had some steamed pumpkin Judah could eat at a local wedding!
that kid likes to eat! 

Happy 7 months old to my Judah Bug!  

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