Monday, July 29, 2013

Preparing for Marshmellow Boz's Arrival

This is not our first baby, so we didn't take a ton of pregnancy pictures, but wanted to display a few keepsakes for baby when he grows bigger so he can see a little of himself in Mommy's belly!
17 weeks
Josiah is very excited about baby in Mommy's belly!
5 months- baby will be born in the year of the Snake!

 27 weeks 

35 weeks

love how jo is kissing baby here!
at the aquarium, almost 37 weeks here...

 My shirt says "Welcome Baby Boz!"

Color Run with Denise on July 4, 37 1/2 weeks, hoping that race would speed up baby coming!
MiMi got this bib for baby since he will officially be born in USA!  :) big smiles!

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