Friday, July 5, 2013

LIttle Tourists

The past few months we've been traveling a lot and had quite a few adventures...
This is us in a very old city in Chongqing posing with a statue of someone famous or something!
This is a very talented man on old street making homemade noodles!
This lady is weaving...we thought that was pretty cool!
Us With Mommy at Old Street!
WE loved class this week- EJ was said to be the most industrious 3 year old ever! ha!  :)  That girl loves some projects!  Here are a few we made- Bunny, Elephant,

And a few more paintings! 
We stayed in several hotels....

We were able to go swimming while Daddy made numerous trips to the embassy....
Sometimes we can be really sweet to one another!
enjoyed riding the boat taxi! 

These next few were at a really fun place in Thailand called Funarium!  It was fun! 

 We made these fun hats at church in Thailand! 

We just took this for fun, didn't actually go to the Ocean World :)

"Sometimes" Evie Joy had jet lag....from China to Thailand to America...She crashed in the most interesting places and positions!  

 I love these kids- how they are willing to play with these Starbucks sticks, originally from ChengDu China all over the we are at a bank in America
 Stay tuned, we have a lot more to share coming up....

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