Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We love Learning!

Josiah has been more into making his history/geography crafts this month :) Above, is a french nobleman's four posted bed!  Of course, Evie Joy wanted to make one too!
We have practiced letters and words with shaving cream a few rainy days this month!  I am so proud of them both- Josiah is reading and writing several words now and Evie Joy can write all her letters really well now! 
Below, just a normal day at school with Mommy!  We were suppose to count pennies but luckily Daddy had enough yinbis for us to count!  Evie Joy is working on her big Preschool book and Josiah his handwriting book!

Made Teepees learning about the Pioneers and American Indians!

We received some fun glitter in the mail!  
Yippie!  Word above is Jo and letter "C" below is Evie Joy's!

Evie Joy was measuring the room! ha!
Here we are learning some Chinese while painting! 

Above, Josiah's Kungfu Panda painting!
Below, Evie Joy's drawing of a pig!  Love it!

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