Monday, April 1, 2013

Fu Huo Jie 2013 Josiah...

 The kids just received one big basket of goodies to share...MiMi had sent a package with a few special toys and some fun candies from the states and fun animal print and sports plastic eggs!
 Also, MiMi sent crafts!  Josiah was excited about the toys, Evie Joy the crafts and snacks!  Here the kids are sharing their crafts with their friends who came over Easter morning for story and praise time!
 We had friends over for Easter lunch to celebrate with us! 
 Josiah was so excited about playing Daddy's game with our friends! The kids actually got a few more toys from the game, ha!  They were suppose to be symbols representing parts of the Easter story, but all the toys, the friends just gave to the kids after the game :)
 We dyed Easter Eggs with friends! 
Above, Friends with gifts opened during game...
Below, Josiah and an Easter Egg he colored after it dried.  He is having more fun coloring all over the Eggs than he showed interest in dying them.
 Giving Easter presents to his teachers and classmates! 
Sometimes i miss being home with family during the holidays but I love that my kids associate holidays with their true Biblical meanings, the true stories that give us life and hope.  And they associate these times with hospitality, that we open our home to those who don't know about these stories or how important and meaningful they are and they want to give gifts and love on others.  I wasn't planning on giving gifts to classmates this year but the kids actually asked if they could. 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Josiah, Glad you had a great Fu Huo Jie! I'm also glad you are learning about the true meaning of holidays!