Friday, February 1, 2013

the Sweetie Princess

Daddy calls Evie Joy his Sweetie Princess.  She pretty much lives to keep this title.  When she is throwing a fit or disobeying, she is often brought back into obedience not by reward or punishment but but reminding her how the Sweetie Princess is to act.  Even Josiah will encourage her when she is doing well and remind her to change her attitude if she is not acting like the Sweetie Princess. 

I was talking to her one night, thinking is this whole Sweetie Princess thing really a biblical concept for a little girl?  I mean it's not like her obedience is coming from a conviction of "obey your parents."  And I explained to her how we who believe in Jesus and obey Him are His bride.  She associates brides as looking like Princesses.  I explained that God makes us more beautiful every time we choose to believe in Him and obey Him and one day when we are with Him in heaven we will be the most beautiful Princess Bride. 

Then, this week she was refusing to do something, being the stubborn little something that she is and God brought to mind how stubbornness and rebellion is as witchcraft.  So, I told her every time she chooses her own way and chooses to disobey rather than obey she is like the witch on Snowwhite (she really likes Snowwhite but not the witch).  Disobey makes you like the ugly witch

Yup, we are not writing any parenting book but i think we are onto something with our little Sweetie Princess to help mold her heart to be sensitive to her Creator, to really know and delight in what true beauty is.  It has even made me think more in terms of am I allowing God to make me more beautiful by my submission and obedience or am I choosing my own ugly way in stubbornness and rebellion towards God?  Do we as believers walk around as the Redeemed Beloved of God or do we walk around in self- ugly-pride? 

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