Thursday, February 28, 2013

Evie Joy learns a little here and there...

 Evie Joy's doggie is one the Left above
 Learning a little Chinese with playdoh
making Valentines Day cookies!
 learning our verse songs with all my many pandas! 
 Above, Evie Joy's hand print heart and below, another cut and paste heart she made!  She loves cutting and pasting projects, spends like 4 hours a day on projects!
 Below, Painting Evie Joy!
 Evie Joy loves working on her big book, a huge Preschool School Box book our friends sent us!  It keeps her busy when Josiah has work to do in his workbook!

Evie Joy is such a smart little cookie :)  She sits in most days with Josiah reading his chapter books and she will quickly and correctly answer the reading comprehension questions. Then later in the day, she will come back to me and discuss the story, remembering the littlest detail.  At first, she didn't really show any interest in Math but the past 2 weeks she has been participating more and more and doing quite well for 3 1/2!  Although some days she says Mommy School makes me too tired and she goes and plays dress up with her animals by herself :) 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Such smart cookies you all are!!! We are proud of all of you!!!