Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So FULL of personality!

So, this is my Evie Joy...she likes corn...she like ketchup...she doesn't like much else...eating with her is a fight!  Oh yes, she likes clothes, she changes her clothes like 10 times a day...her she is wearing an Orioles shirt on backwards!  And it is something I will not fight her about! This week she has been into vests, she will wear like 3 vests and it is 80 degrees?!  Her teachers undressed her and sent her home with a bag of the extra clothes she was wearing!

Sometimes she looks really sweet like here, hugh....well it doesn't last!

Everyday, about 10 times a day she looks like this!  Heart breaking!  I mean she looks and sounds as if something quite horrific has happened and really, only her feelings are hurt!  She is very sensitive!  Here she is pictured crying because she hung up on Daddy and Mommy said she couldn't call him back again...but Daddy did call back and calm the poor girl down....yes yes yes she is not lacking for personality! 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Evie joy!! What a joy you are!!! MiMi likes corn too!!! We can fix some when you come to visit!!! What a drama queen you can be!!! We love you!