Saturday, June 9, 2012

Boy have we been learning ALOT!

Practicing Writing our names on the bathroom door and wall!

Evie Joy has been loving her some just add water painting!

lovin puttin some beads on strings! 

Josiah only uses red, orange, yellow and a little white because they are McQueen colors!  haha!

enjoying reading some Chinese books!

Josiah did so well repeating The Three Trees in Chinese! 

Josiah has been loving learning about his tools in Chinese!

Evie Joy LOVES cutting!
Evie Joy has enjoyed learning Chinese while playing dress up!

Here she was Diego, a cowboy and some kind of princess!

learning to bake cookies and cake with some of the English Corner gals!

oh yeah M&M's in my cookies!
Evie Joy is learning Chinese while taking care of her bears- very important vocab!

Enjoying pattern pictures!
Super proud Jo & EJ matchining up their numbers while counting in Chinese!

Making Mug Brownies!  YUM!
It's Raining Outside so we played rice and beans inside!

Getting Ready to go to Preschool but played a little rice and beans before hitting the raod!
This was a "Mommy, will you take my picture" shot!

And so I did...color away Evie JOy! 

This is the end of our very long learning post...but we have had a super great learning month!  Thanks for checking in on us!  


Sherrill said...

I'm so jealous of your kids learning Chinese at such young ages. Wish I could have learned it before my brain got so clogged up and not as tough to penetrate as when I was younger. Josiah and Evie Joy are adorable.

Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Oh my!!! Look at all the things you are learning!!! MiMi and Poppe are so very proud of you!!! It won't be long before you can show us in person how well you are doing with your Chinese and letters and cutting and putting beads on strings and so many things!!! We love you!!!