Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Judah!

 Our sweet friend Kelli and her 3 girls came to visit the week of the baby's birth, Judah's birthday week! They planned a party for our sweet little 2 year old! What Awesome friends!  It was a things that go party…above our living room fun station!  Below, she made little cars out of grapes and cheese and Judah loved them!  I loved that he even loved his snacks at his party! Just precious!

 Evie Joy made a special hat, above, for baby using streamers as cushioning!
 MiMi even brought Judah a smoothie! ha!

 Kelli made these cardboard box cars with the kids when I was in the hospital having the baby! Judah loved them!  He stayed in his for like an hour or so at the party as you can see below and played with them for weeks after!

 Daddy organized some water balloon fun outside!

 And Judah had some fun playing in the mud! Happy Birthday to me!  I had a great day!

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