Monday, July 13, 2015

JUDAH…the last 2 months of 1 year old!

 This was the first hair cut he was willing to sit solo for at least half the time!

 Judah loves when friends come over for School! He will sit on a mat for about 10-15 minutes and participate a little bit!  He is growing!
 Lately  he has caught onto the fact that everyone everywhere we live want to take a picture with him with their phone!  So, he was cracking us up playing "take a selfie" with the toy cell phone!

 Brother and Sister dressed him up as some Narnia character….
 Here is traveling Jo…in the van beginning our journey to the states!
 The last 6 weeks while in China, Judah has been so good to play alone, especially play cars in the window!  He plays like this for hours a day!

 He was trying to play badminton with Brother! 

 Loves his Mommy and Daddy! 

 Judah reading a book in America! 
 He loves to play outside!!!!

 He loves to go for taxi rides in the states! NOt really taxis, but he catches a ride like a taxi and then he only enjoys it for 5-10 minutes like a taxi ha!

 he was too cute in this little bucket!

 Loves MiMi & Poppe's playground!

 loves qtips!
 playing in the pool with Rar Rar! 

 fell asleep when we arrived at the Chattanooga airport!  Too funny!

 This is me after a fudge pop!
 I really really like to play with pennies! Ahhh, they sure are messy!

 Judah made this at VBS!  He was so cute in his class.  He was a stinker, he'd cry every time I dropped him off, but then he was fine the rest of the time!  He loved his teachers!  One of them was a Thai lady, perhaps he thought she was Chinese! :)
 He can play with dishes for hours!  No lie! 
 And he loves to ride this little construction truck around all day!
 DAddy was out of town this week…aren't we so cute getting ready for bed! 
Love my Brother and Sister!
 MiMi introduced me to Sonic slushes! 
Love me some outside riding cars! 

 Went to the skating rink and well i was very upset that i was too little to skate..i was determined to get my hands on one of these white skate helpers on wheels…and when i did…i took off! it was so funny, around and around that rink i went running in my shoes pushing this skate helper! making my very pregnant mommy run beside me!

 love me some mud puddles!

 and the water play outside the aquarium! 
 and the Coolidge Park Fountains! 
I'm not a huge fan of a large deep swimming pool but i love me some sprinkler fun!

i just love my family! It is really sweet Poppe will ask me where is MiMi, Poppe, Mommy, Daddy, Brother, Sister and I will point and say "Right there!" And sometimes i will run over and hug them.  I know i'm cute and of course use it to get away with whatever I can!  When i take a nap at MiMi's she rubs me to sleep, rotten kid I am! Since being in the states, my English has improved a little, i will try to mimic a few words like "milk, baby, there" and seem to comprehend English a bit better than last month! Woo hoo for that! I got some shots at the doctors and just grunted, ha! They thought i was something!  I weighed 27 pounds. I'm not real sure what all this talk is about a baby coming.  Mommy says baby, points to her tummy so i point to her tummy and then my own :)  This week i have learned what praying means so I faithfully fold my hands together before every snack and meal and pretend pray!  I'm pretty cute! I've also learned the song "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and am pretty proud of myself for that! I still love trains and cars and I love to play house or tea party or whatever pretend eating with Sister ha!

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