Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Judah 16 months recap!

 This kid loves anything domestic! Sweeping, Dishes, Scrubbing!  

He loves climbing in and out of chars! 
 Really proud of himself for throwing his diaper away!  Gives himself a big clap after each time!

 Tried out coloring, painting, playdoh! Of course he wants to eat it all!
 Goodbye Curls! 
First real haircut! 
 He is very social able, loves little playmates!
 Loves a bath!
 Love playing outside! Loves the leaves and dirt!  Played a few days with this little boy!

tries to do real school with Sister and Brother!
 Although this picture doesn't show, he really loves Beatrice!  She is the only person he would stay with and is really good for her.  But she is going to Tland to teach for 5 months, sad times for us!
 He was really enjoying brother in his bed but then i came in and he cried ha!
 Sissy is so awesome and fun to play with!!!!

Overall, he is a high energy fun kid! He sleeps mostly pretty good, about 13 hours at night and then 1 nap in the afternoon.  He loves him anything overly healthy haha like these protein pumpkin pancakes i made or these healthy energy bites, so funny these were his favs!  But he also has developed a love for enchiladas! Yup he can eat more than me of those things! He loves to be outside.  He gets so upset when we come home or someone leaves the house and he doesn't get to!  He also loves music!  He's quite the little dancer!  He is developing a horrible habit of dumping buckets of toys out so we are trying to work on that! And he is nursing about 6x day but he is drinking almost 2 cups of the yucky powdered milk, yup, he doesn't like the fresh stuff, the powdered stuff he likes! I'm just thankful he is drinking something!  He can eat a huge bowl of grapes!  He loves grapes…he's kinda over bananas right now but loves a smoothie!  He hardly says any words, he ROARS!  Both of the other kids were definitely more talkative by this age but not Judah, he ROARS!  He loves to tackle and wrestle so if Daddy is gone, Mommy has to join in or else he just fusses.  He is beginning to enjoy some books…he loves playing with blocks!  And he loves to give hugs and kisses! He is SWEET!  He just loves people!  and activity!  OH, and he likes 1 show- Zhi Hui Shu…We use to watch this when Josiah was a baby too!  But of all the shows we try to entice him with it is so funny this is his top pic!  It is a Chinese PreSchool show!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Growing up so fast! What a happy, chappy fellow you appear to be! Love you buddy!