Sunday, September 21, 2014

Judah turns 14 months!

 Okay, so I am a few days late, let's talk a little about Judah's 14th month of life!
He loves to sneak off into the School room as pictured below! Ha!  Caught1  Cute but NO JUDAH!

 We went to this playground for Sissy's Birthday and I still loved this car ride, rode it like 20x!
 He is soooo funny!  He loves climbing and getting into things- Above, into the baby bed haha!
 Poor Sissy, she tries to help with the dishes but Judah will not leave her alone, to him it seems like the most fun game/activity a child would be allowed to do!
 Here he is swinging with Brother!  Fun times!

 Climbing!  Onto, up the ladder!  

By the end of the Summer, he enjoyed getting in the water and swimming around some!  
I'm hopeful for next year!
 These are blurry but just too fun and cute of Brothers!

Adore this shot of Judah and Jo above!  The older 2 have taught Judah the art of being excited and screaming with excitement!  

More Buggin Sissy in the Kitchen! 
 Another of me sneaking into the School room!  
 Celebrating Sissy's Birthday!  Check out my tattoo! ha! Someone on the street stopped us and asked how much it cost, ha!
 Last fun Swim outing for Sissy's Birthday! 

 My Daddy is so much fun!

 He has learned how to get a taxi!

 Hanging out with my Mommy!
 Sissy and I ...
 Sweeping Judah!  That kid loves him a broom! 
 Catching a taxi!  He is hilarious! 
Above, Climbing in the window! 
Below, Climbing up some lion statue! 

 Dishes!  He loves Dishes!  We should call him domestic Judah!  

 Really, he was screaming and crying until I let him help me!
He just survived his first 2 nights without Mommy!  The first night was hard but then he did much better the second night!  He took a little milk from a bottle, ha- this kid is 14 months old remember! Stubborn!  He still nurses 2-3 times a day.  He is a much more content napper than before which helps with school!  He is beginning to play with some toys, like animals, stuffed animals, musical toys, blocks.  As you can tell, his favs all involve housework! ha!  He loves him some bananas and applesauce!  He likes noodles, rice and dumplings! He likes yogurt and smoothies! For a few days he would only eat Smoothies and Craisons!  He loves grapes! And just toast with butter ha! He loves lots of activity!  He likes the other youngsters to be home and active and following him around ha!  He is a great shopping buddy! He can stay in the buggy and help Mommy shop for hours!  So thankful for that!  He loves to play tackle with his family!  And he is quite a possessive and jealous little tike- when Brother or Sister or Daddy show Mommy any affection, he attacks! ha!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Judah! You are a happy, happy mess!! Love it that you like housework so much!! MiMi could use some help sometimes :). We love your sweet smile - it just melts our hearts!!