Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Judah 11-12 months! 1 year old here I come!

lovin some spaghetti! 
learning how to do the slide by myself! 

Look how big I look in my bed sleeping!  Oh my!

I'm a Climber!  Ugh!  Up on everything!  

Give me some Panda ears and a sweeper and I'm a happy boy! 

Love this smile!  Shows all 8 teeth! 
 Love me some baskets, boxes, bottles, brooms...forget toys!
Oh I am a bundle of joyful energy these days!  I wave bye-bye, give high-fives, blow kisses, understand a few signs like milk, all done and more.  I say Ma Ma, Da Da, Bro Bro, calls Sissy Rarr Rarr, he loves some bananas and grapes!  At first he wasn't too much into ice-cream but now he is definitely a fan!  He loves to tackle with sister, brother and daddy and give wet kisses ha!  He likes stacking blocks and knocking them down.  Oh, he loves music and dancing!  He still enjoys buggy rides!  He likes to put everything in his mouth and chew on the oddest things, like balls, he has digested pieces of chewed balls and baskets, oh dear!  This kid is a mess!
We have no idea how much he weighs or any of those things, he will actually have a check up in 2 weeks so maybe we can remember to jot it down then!  :)

love this kid, must say I am a bit sentimental about my baby turing 1, every time he nurses, I am reminded it could be the last time and it's really not so burdensome to get up early, even though with my other 2 I've been quite determined long before this age to make them not nurse at that time, but with my sweet Judah, it is sweet to have that time with him so I just get up and hold him and enjoy him.  I will never get it back so I am reluctant to force giving it up.  Some days he shows little interest in nursing because he's so busy exploring but then with teeth coming in, he regained an interest and I was fine with that, it's about the only time he allows me to hold him.  The rest of the time he is wayyyy to busy exploring and getting into everything.  I'm so thankful for his life.  He is a special gift to us!  It is wonderful seeing Josiah and Evie Joy as siblings to him and to see life in such a fresh way through Judah's eyes.  His little laugh is contagious!  He is so personable and friendly, just loves to interact with people!  What a joy it is to have him by my side when I'm out in no expression land around here!
 Judah out and about overload of cuteness!  Our sweet friend who was here this Summer took most of these because well when we are out I rarely have a free hand/opportunity to snap a shot of Judah!

 He was really into the Pandas ha! 

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