Sunday, December 15, 2013

Judah 5 months!

enjoying the buggy!

 I have a great Big Sister who reads to me all the time!

Yup, she's awesome!
 A few more airplane pics!  We traveled twice this month so definitely threw off my good night schedule...still trying to recover ahhh!

 ARen't we all so cute above, in hotel bed and below, in Ikea shopping!
I have a great Big Brother who pushes me all over the house! 
Brother making me laugh!  Love him!

 Love my Mommy!  rare to get a pic with her, but love her!

This picture cracks me up!  Judah loves, as all our kids did, that early morning sleep in bed with Daddy.  Here, he had pushed Daddy all the way over, as you can tell by the pillows to the edge of the bed.  Judah had 2/3 of the bed!  ha!
Judah finally likes baths! yay!  He just started eating some cereal, yay for that too!  He still will not take a bottle, boo to that.  He loves buggy rides, awake and asleep.  We've been doing him in the buggy, Mommy running and brother, sister riding bikes for some exercise!  He loves his Johnny Jump up and swing!  OH and he has the sweetest giggle I have got to try to get on video!
And he absolutely loves the kid's gospel videos! Jubilee, Sanctuary, Shackles...loves him some gospel praise!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

You have had a busy month!! All that traveling and learning and decorating and shopping and exercising! Oh My - makes me tired just thinking about it :)
Love you all!!!