Monday, November 4, 2013

All Things Evie Joy!

Evie Joy is so FULL of life!  She is either the sweetest, most thoughtful, helpful, smart 4 year old or she is SCREAMing, throwing a fit for no good reason, selfish, hateful, lying just to see what she can get away with, pushing whatever limits she can...It's all or nothing with this girl!  She is exhausting...she is either over exasperating me with what she is learning and trying to understand and the intensity of her play and project or offered help OR she is exhausting me with her fir and refusal to obey, demand for her own way just for the sake of being difficult and absolutely nothing pleases her...
 oh how i wish i could figure out how to only push those positive buttons...she is VERY good with Judah.  She is an awesome Big Sister!  She has never shown any jealousy or selfishness, only servanthood and love.
 This is our Sweetie date we had one day at this playground!  Then happily had salad for dinner!  I do love that my girl loves her some salad!  When the big boys are gone we always have salad!
 We dressed up alike in our Supermans but it was a bit difficult getting a great picture!
She is soooo super smart, too smart for her own good as they say!
Above, she's doing some K math with Josiah!
Below, her first Chinese characters...she has to keep practicing them over and over...
 Here she is practicing her ABC's over and over...she says Mommy take my picture!
Love my spunky FULL of life girl!  
I pray she becomes FULL of HIS LIFE!  

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