Monday, March 4, 2013

Lantern Festival of Lights in Zigong

 This Chinese New Year we were able to attend the Lantern Festival (Deng Hui) of Lights in our Province, in ZiGong City, the home of the Dinosaurs, where the Festival originated!  Apparently it has really expanded in recent years!  This year they had moving Dinosaurs and salt mine light cities and salt sculptures! 
 Jo loved this- It was a huge lighted up globe with music- kinda like a dance party!

 We were a little afraid to get too close to the Dinosaurs! 

 getting my picture with Mommy and our "Year of the Snake" baby!
 Evie Joy is a little Shui Niu- Water Buffalo!
Josiah is a Xiao Zhu- Born in the Year of the Pig!

 Josiah was so excited about the Light Up KungFu Panda Characters!

Another Beautiful Evie Joy Shui Niu!  She was a little too beautiful for all the local tourists- we were literally rubbing against them shoulder to shoulder the entire time and then the pretty little foreign girl in the red dress on daddy's shoulders was sure not blending in so we had A LOT of people attacking us for pictures of Evie Joy.  Other than that, it was a Fun time! :)

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Beautiful pictures!! Looks like a fun time too!