Monday, January 28, 2013

Some things we've been up to...

So this is more like a month recap or something.  My computer has not been allowing me to upload my pics so we've been kinda here are some of our random January moments...mostly we are out and about on sunny days because they are above and below, we are enjoying riding the rides and eating hot dogs at the park!

Aren't they the cutest sword fighters you ever saw?

still loving dress up!
These are the chickens in the parking lot next to our house

 We stayed after school and played at the playground one day.  We were some of superheroes!

our friend gave us a bag of quail eggs to enjoy as a gift and we loved them!
He also gave us chicken fingers but Evie Joy tried one and then explained she didn't eat them because they were too sharp!

 on boat ride to see Da Buddha
Rock Park!  One of our favorite places!  MOst all of these photos are ipod photos so not the best but you get the idea of our events!

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