Sunday, November 25, 2012

Halloween Extravaganza!

WE had quite the American Halloween adventure this year! 
We had a party with our church friends- Josiah Mr. Incredible and Evie Joy Batgirl!

 Preschool parties- Evie Joy bumble bee, Josiah Larry Boy
 Went to the Fall Festival, Evie Joy Dragon, Josiah Mr. Incredible!
They mostly loved the inflatables!  Evie Joy completed one obstacle course inflatable that a few 7 year olds in front of her couldn't complete-  We told her to get out of it and she ignored us and went ahead and did it, had people cheering for her little 3 year old self :) 

They loved the free coke!
 And we went trick or treating in MiMi and Poppe's neighborhood!  Josiah was steady Mr. Incredible, Evie Joy Batman!  They really liked giving out the candy more than going door to door.  They went to like 3 houses and were done but it was fun for us to go to some of the same neighbors Daddy went to as a little boy!  Also when knocking on the doors, Evie Joy would say "Knock Knock joke!"  ha, not sure we have this whole trick or treating or knock knock joke thing down!

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