Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yikes Artwork! Josiah

Josiah had to fill this out his first week of school- I love that he says his favortie thing to do is give hugs and kisses!  And his favorite subject is Chinese!  He really is very sweet!

He painted this Ni Hao Kai Lan picture at home.  I am so impressed how his painting and colornig skills are improving to stay in between the lines more and more!

Josiah brought this home from class, where he had practiced tracing all his letters - notice his name with the backwards S

Above- a homework assignment we did together :)  color letters red, shapes green!
he made this apple framed picture of him at the Apple Orchard!  He loved learning all about Apples and going to the Orchard!

His family tree! 
I loved this Spiderman painting he did, again he really is doing so well trying to completely paint the picture and stay in the lines.  He plans to give this to hsi friends this week!

The other morning he gave this to me and said "Happy Mommy's Day Mommy I love you! This is for you!" I was out the night before so apparently he made this for me!

cutting pasting matching Preschool work! 

This was Josiah's homework, he did all the cutting and pasting and coloring.  I thought he did quite well!

number 5 from Preschool
Cubbie Bear from Cubbies!

this sailboat is from a stamp book our friends gave Josiah on EJ's bday- i thought he did such a good job on the sailboat!
This is also from Cubbies- I love what it says :)

Number 4 from Preschool and Preschool Homework- Numbers Green, Letters Red!
Letter L in Preschool
Cutting and Pasting at Preschool
Letter F at Preschool- Josiah has loved learning about fire, firetrucks, firemen and the color red!
There is a song he taught us from class "Red, Red, Red, apples, cherries and strawberries, all these shapes are red!"
Tracing his name from Preschool class in Red!  No problems tracing the S correctly :)

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