Monday, September 10, 2012

stayin at Grandmas & some family fun

This is a Whole LoTA pictures of our visit last month...really i didn't know which ones to categorize, so i just lumped em all together!  that away it's all up here to remember and i can move is September, I've gotta get out of August on this blog!  yikes!  America!  It doesn't really motivate me to blog so much but since i print these for the kiddos i better keep at it...sorry if our American adventures aren't as interesting as life overseas...but we'll be back there in a few short months!  Now, we are enjoying lots of friends, familiar food, space, sunshine, church (we go like everyday! it's great!), English, parks, grass,'s really such a gift to do everyday things here in the states after being away! 
Josiah and Evie Joy love staying at Grandma's house!

an attempt to get a picture with Charlotte (1) dressed in their Chinese dresses!

little Evie is a sloooow eater like Big Evie!  We were like oh who is going to be the slowest at finishing dinner?!  haha!  Evie Joy was hilarious about Grandma- she said Grandma went to the doctors not because she is sick, she is just old, too old!  Then Gma came home and Evie Joy said Grandma you aren't old anymore now!  Ha!  Grandma got a big kick out of that!

I love this one where Evie Joy is rubbing Grandma!

These are 3rd cousins on Mommy's Mommy's side at Mumaw's house

Dinner at Aunt Karen's and fun at the Park :)

Julianne's Birthday party at Aunt Kathy's!

playing hide and seek wtih Grayson and Aunt Diane! Fun until EJ got stung by a bee!  Bless her!

3rd cousins Mommy's Daddy's side

Evie Joy was trying to participate (as was Charlotte) in the performance given by Joseph, Julianne and Novalee

loved going to the Creamery

And Josiah loved his binoculars from Big Daddy- super excited Big Daddy and Shawn actually came to our picnic with Aunt Pam!

kiddos on Grandma's stairs! 

And us with Joseph, Julianne and Charlotte on Mommy!

 Good times at Chucky Cheese, of course!

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